A Look Into My Upbringing

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All of the walls in my house are white. You walk in an immediate “clean” smell floods your nose. Every book, vase, picture frame, and fruit bowl, seems staged and placed in just the perfect angle. Growing up in this house, situated in a neighborhood so quiet you can hear a pin drop in your neighbor’s house, with business oriented parents, I was destine to grow up mature, quiet, and serious. However, growing up in this environment steered me into another direction. Influenced by the small progressive school, I have attended all my life, I have grown into an outspoken leader and often express my ideas creatively. I am not afraid to share my opinions and advocate for what I believe. In my family, I act as the black sheep, I am the loud, obnoxious, weird, and funny kid, no one expected. In contrast to my upbringing, all of the walls in my room are ruined, paint peeled from the tape of photos I have taken down, and scuffs from slamming into the wall with furniture I moved. You walk in and an unidentifiable smell floods your nose. Every book, pencil, piggy bank, and knick-knack, seems personal, yet carelessly positioned, as if it has been thrown in place by someone in a hurry. Despite this less than appealing description of my room, I am proud of the person I have become, and proudly view myself as a creative thinker, an advocator, and a leader. 

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