The Rock

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Horns ring in the distance. A line of cars slowly forms then dissipates. The iron gates watch the scene unfold. They stand tall and pierce the sky with their newly sharpened heads. A sense of hardness and nobility is emitted. The black paint compliments and enhances the dark green of trees. There is an overt contrast between the stinging straight lines of the fence and curved naturalistic forms found on the trees. The trees tower over the small fence, asserting their dominance and taking command of the scene. They resemble Christmas trees, yet they have no smell. The only smell that can be detected is gasoline. 

Cars rush past, but the trees protect the area and shade it with their large branches. A light green bush that blockades the area begins to show the signs fall. Small red leaves peak out, grazing the rough surface of a nearby rock. There are two large almost identical rocks that lay side by side, perfectly sandwiched between the greenery. Their warm gray color is disrupted by the presence of muted green splotches. The rocks seem as though they are being infected by the green. Despite their imperfections the rocks are welcoming and invite onlookers to perch upon them.
The ground is riddled with cigarette butts, some that infamous yellow-orange, and others stark white. The pink of lipstick stained butts peer through the dirt. The dirt lays motionless, yet smaller complexities exist within. Pieces of broken wood chips lay one atop the other. Some are large and easily identifiable and some are so small they resemble soil. As the wood chips approach the fence they become increasingly coarser. This coarseness is counter balanced by the delicacy of the dead leaves sprawled across the wood. 
Bam! One car rams into the other. A freshly torn-off bumper wobbles from side to side in the middle of the road. The cars pull over in great silence. The rocks watch the passersby acutely, yet the drivers pay no mind to the peaceful setting situated in front of them. This location is swallowed up by the sound of tires passing hastily, creating its own dimension of isolation through the utter silence and stillness it exudes. 
The quietness of the nature scene heavily contrasts the loudness and industrialization of the street in front of it. Though these sights and sounds may be distracting, they create a barrier between the scene and the rest of the world. An overall sense of seclusion and tranquility dominates as a result of the disparity between the naturalistic elements and utter silence of the scene itself and the calamity of the surrounding street. 

I have always enjoyed sitting at this location, but wasn’t sure why. Upon observing the scene closer, I was finally able to come to a conclusion. The street in front of the location maintains so much chaos, making my location peaceful in it’s ability to remain silent and stagnant.  While writing this, I found that the words I put on the page seemed to mimic the characters of both settings. When I write, “Cars rush past, but the trees protect the area and shade it with their large branches,” this can clearly be seen. The part during which I describe the cars is short and fast pace with little detail. However, in describing the naturalistic elements, I dive in and give them a sense of life, the trees are ‘protecting’ the area. Rather than simply describing the appearance of the surrounding scene, I attempted to give every component within it a sense of purpose. I did this in order to represent the serenity the scene offers in comparison to the street, which acts as simply a noisy background. After writing this piece I walk away with a greater appreciation for the ambiance this small area employs, and even some for the busy st

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